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YunJae~ :3

Clear blue water, white sandy beach, a lover much more lovable than a child in a cradle and the right amount of sunshine for the perfect warm weather.
One thing was missing. . .

Yunho laughed and kicked the water with his feet, splashing a large amount of water on Jaejoong who turned around to avoid the attack, only to be soaked instead.

“I will get back to you”
Jaejoong let out a loud laugh as he turned around and took a handful of water and splashed it back at his lover. Yunho’s laughter was a natural reflex to the happiness engulfing them both.

Their laughter filled the air. . . Nothing was missing at

YunJae @ MKMF 2008



yaaay YunJae is real~~ XDD
this is the best of YunJae moment :DD